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Clooney is a small square cobby boy.
He is a quite rare solid aa Lilac not carrying Brindle, Fawn, Cream or pied. Owned by James Chopping in Oklahoma.
He weighs 22lbs and the perfect choice to make smaller Lilac babies.
Nice big head and great ear set.
A really nice chunky small Frenchie.
He was bred to Izzy late November 2020!
He was also bred to Lydia Jan.14 &16, 2021



Pence is owned by Rusty Coleman of Texas.

He is Blue & Tan and carries chocolate, no brindle.

He is medium size at 24 lbs.

Very nice structure.

He was bred to Anya mid November 2020!

Bob Merley

Bob Merley

He is an amazing wide stocky Blue & Tan Merle from South Carolina. Owned by Rosanna Kirby, weighs 25lbs.

Roughly 1/2 of all his pups will be Merle.

BEST Structure of any blue & tan Merle we have seen!

He was bred to Mia early December 2020!



Award winning, gorgeous Lilac & Tan from Texas.

23 lbs. great overall structure.

He was bred to Gracie early December 2020!


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