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About the French Bulldog Breed

A  French bulldog Should be alert and inquisitive but not overly active. 
Very stout and muscular with a short , wide back and neck. 
Head wide and squarish looking slightly too large for the size of the dog, especially males.
Very short muzzle but not inset, having heavy, deep wrinkles around muzzle, teeth and tongue should never show with mouth closed.
Very small bob tail {never docked}. 
Ears erect and bat-like with rounded tips. 
Eyes rather deeply set and facing straight ahead. 
Legs stout and strong, never thin. 
Hair short and mostly straight with no undercoat of fine hair. various colors ,very minimal shedding.
Size - 28 lbs max., standing 11-13 tall at shoulder.
Temperment- Very intelligent and quite trainable, quite inquisitive, having quirky humurous traits. Very minimal barking, very low aggression level, good with kids and adults and get along well with most other animals except some unaltered males can be agressive with other male dogs.
They typically do not become extremely attached to or protective of certain individuals, they tend to show affection to all that want it and they thrive on human companionship.
Frenchies require very little exercise or grooming. but must be kept between 60 and 80 degrees and suffer heat stroke easily as most short muzzled dogs do.
About Me

About Frenchies / FAQ

Q:Why have they become so popular?
A: They are cute, affectionate, clean, very funny and quirky, almost never bark, very little shedding, require very little exercise or grooming and only weigh 20-28 lbs.
     In other words - "They are almost perfect" 

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