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Updated 12/3/20

NOTICE- If you are not already on our waiting list none of these pups will be available to you. We have lots of people waiting.......

#1- Our Blue brindle girl Anya started her heat cycle Nov. 3rd and we started progesterone testing 11/13.  She had her 1st insemination 11/16 and 2nd on 11/18.  She was bred to a handsome boy named Pence from Texas and if successful she will have pups 9 weeks later, so mid Jan. 2021. They should produce Blue brindles and Blue fawns.

#2- Our Blue & Tan girl Izzy started her cycle 11/11 and we have been testing progesterone, her 1st insemination was 11/22 and 2nd on 11/24, her 3rd insemination 11/26.  She is being bred to the same fantastic solid Lilac stud as last time, his name is Clooney from lovemypups in Oklahoma.  IF successful she will have pups in late Jan. 2021. They should produce Lilacs and Blues, some solid, some with tan points.

#3- Gracie started her heat cycle 11/22 and will be bred to a really handsome Lilac & tan boy named Luther from Nvous frenchies in Texas. Her 1st insemination will be 12/3 and second on 12/5 , if succesful they will produce Lilac & tan and Lilac trindle pups in early February. 

#4- Mia started her heat cycle 11/24 and we will breed her to a great looking Blue & tan Merle named Bob Merley from So. Carolina. She is getting her 1st A.I. 12/3 and 2nd A.I. on 12/5,  If succesful they should produce a mix of Merles, Fawns, blues and Lilacs in early February.

Pics of all 8 of these  Frenchies can be seen under Moms and Dads.

These pups will all be sold to people on our waiting lists so if you want 1 in the future NOW is the time to get on our waiting list, find info under BABIES. 


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