Croydon, N.H. - USA
Croydon, N.H. - USA
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Updated 8/02/21

NEW BABIES !!- Born 8/01/21 - Taffy had 6 gorgeous babies... New videos on Facebook / Rockybound Frenchies...

NOTICE- If you don't get on our waiting list none of our pups will be available to you.... Waiting list info under Babies.

1- Our wonderful Blue brindle girl Anya birthed 2 Beautiful Blue brindle boys in late Jan. 2021. This was her 3rd litter so likely her last.

2- Our Lilac pied girl Gracie birthed 6 Beautiful Lilac pups 02/03/21..Gracie was bred to a really handsome Lilac & tan boy named Luther from Nvous frenchies in Texas.  This was her 1st. litter. She is almost 2 yrs. old.  We are keeping 1 of the girls.

3- Our Gorgeous Blue Fawn girl Mia was bred to a great looking Blue & tan Merle named Bob Merley from So. Carolina,  She had just 1 Blue&Tan Merle Male 2/8/21.  This was the 2nd litter for Mia.

These pups have all been sold to people on our waiting lists so if you want 1 in the future NOW is the time to get on our waiting list, find info under BABIES. 


Expected Litters & future breedings


1-July 2021- Our pretty Ukranian Brindle girl Katya is from all Champion bloodlines...She finally started her heat cycle 6/19. She was bred 7/2 and 7/4 to Jedi from Texas Elite Frenchies, she should produce Fawns and Brindles. 

2- Our newest girl is Adel is a handsome, powerful Fawn girl from the Ukraine, she was bred 7/22 & 7/24 to Solo from Lovemypups in Oklahoma. should produce all Fawns in mid Sept.

3- Early August 2021 - Our Super sweet Lilac pied girl Gracie started her heat cycle 7/25/21,, We will likely breed her to Fort Knox, a "New shade Isabella" with great structure from Nvous Frenchies in Texas. Gracie can produce a variety of Lilacs...  ALL will carry ISABELLA chocolate.

4- Fall 2021- Our very cute and petite Blue&Tan girl Patty will likely be bred to our own Handsome Blue stud Bronson... She can produce solid Blue and Blue&Tan.

5- Fall 2021- Our sweet Fawn sable girl Sadie will likely be bred to either Handsome Lilac Pokie or our Boy Bronson... She can produce, Fawn, Blue, Blue&Tan or Black&Tan pups.





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