Croydon, N.H. - USA
Croydon, N.H. - USA
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Below is Anya with Dec 2019 litter, ALL SOLD!
Above is the same litter at 7 weeks old.

About Me

No pups currently available unless you are already on our waiting list... As of 12/02/21 Waiting List for exotic colors like Merle and Lilac currently has 34 people. If you get on these waiting lists now you can expect to wait approx. 8- 12 months..... Waiting list for all other colors- 62 total.
Expected waiting time if you get on this waiting list today is approximately 18-24 months...
EXPECTED Upcoming Litters: see LATEST NEWS! page.

These prices will be valid for pups born from 7/01/2021 until 1/01/2022.

Prices for our pups with limited AKC registration BUT without breeding rights range from $3000 - $4900 for our standard list and $5000 -$7,000 for Exotic list.... Black brindle, brindle pied and Fawn pied 3000-3400...Fawn w/black or solid Black 3200-3600... Blue fawns 3500-3900...Lilac Fawn 3800-4200... Blue brindle or Blue pied 3900- 4400.. Blue & Tan or solid Blue 4400-4900..... Lilac pied 4800-5400... Lilac trindle 5200-5700....Lilac & Tan or solid Lilac 5500- 6000.. ... Fawn Merles 5000-5600, Blue Merle 5600 - 6000.... Blue&Tan Merle 5800-6500.... Lilac Merle 6400-7000. Breeding rights available to select persons on most of our pups for 40% more.
All of our adults and babies are AKC registered..
All of our adults are dna tested clear of the common genetic problems Frenchies are prone to...
All of our puppies come with a written 1 yr guarantee
against debilitating or life threatening genetic diseases...
No deposits accepted until CONTRACT has been completed and approved by us at Rockybound French Bulldogs...
Then we will contact you with the info to get onto our waiting list...
Paypal and Venmo accepted for deposits..
You are NOT on the list until we receive your deposit... Date on contract doesn't place you in any certain position on our list...
We do not sell to or buy from puppy mills...
IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to decide who we sell puppies to, we will NOT sell to anyone that we feel may not give the puppy a safe and HAPPY home!!
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Litter Born July 12th 2020 All sold!

3 Girls & 2 Boys
This litter from Izzy and Clooney are all Lilacs and sold for 5,500 with limited AKC registration.
Breeding rights available to select individuals for 40- 50% more.  
 We are keeping 1 male from this litter .

Colors in this litter

ALL TESTED LILAC without brindle and 4 panel clear for genetic disease 8/12/20 using dna testing with Animal Genetics.
4 of the 5 pups were very rare a/a solid Lilac.
1 was at/a Lilac with Tan points.
It's likely we will breed this same pair again in November or December 2020

Future mom, Patty dob 7/28/20

Izzy with 5 Lilac pups, July 2020

Gracie with 5 pups 10/05/21

Izzie's pup, Portia Aug. 2020

Izzie's 5 Lilac pups Aug. 2020

Taffy's Blue and Merle boys 9/21

Things needed for puppies homecoming and puppy care tips.

You will need at least a medium size wire crate to start. We suggest the Midwest homes- "Puppy play pen" medium size with 1/2 inch floor grate,  from Amazon or Chewy for $195..This works GREAT for Frenchies over 6 weeks old thru adulthood...A good temporary crate is the Wabbitat folding crate also sold by Amazon $76... You will also need spill proof food and water bowls, heavy ceramic or stoneware are best. Shallow bowls are preferred for food, some Frenchies won't eat from deep bowls. You need Puppy pee pads, oatmeal based puppy tearless shampoo, durable chew toys like nylabone, towels or soft blanket for bedding, Recommended puppy food.

We set up our puppy crate with bedding and water bowl at one end and puppy pee pad at the other end.  If your puppy chews the pee pad just remove it.  We prefer towels for bedding since they are easy to wash and change out daily and very durable for chewing.  Plush beds are cute but dangerous, your puppy will tear it open and eat the stuffing.

NEVER give your Frenchie raw hide or chew bones where they can chew off chunks and choke. NOTE: if it is dangerous for a crawling infant or toddler it is dangerous for your pup. Keep anything that can fit in its mouth off the floor.  Never leave your pup unsupervised in your home while away. Never leave them outside. A fox, coyote, large hawk or Eagle can take your puppy..  It is better to leave them in their pen or crate if you plan to be gone away for any period of time. Never leave unsupervised around other pets in the home especially if a bigger breed or a pet that has been there longer. Frenchies can play rough and trigger other dogs to an aggressive behavior. Training is recommended for any puppy. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

PLEASE remember to introduce your puppy slowly in a NEUTRAL place to other petsDo this in an outside neutral area... Discourage bad behavior by using a squirt bottle of water or firm NO and remove them from unwanted behavior. Never leave puppy alone with your pets of any kind. It is best to have play time supervised when you are homesudden attack can kill your new puppy . 

If you have a stubborn puppy with a bad habit a tap with a rolled up news paper is okay.


Don't allow your pup to get over tired. Frenchies can easily suffer from heat exhaustion. They may show lots of energy but that doesn't mean you let them run themselves ragged. Ten minutes 3 to 4 times a day for the first three weeks is plenty. NO LONG WALKS. Allow the puppies to sleep and rest in its crate or pen. Be sure fresh clean water is always available.  

Keep your puppy away from cold drafts in a quiet place where it can rest. The ideal home temperature for your puppy is between 68 and 76 degrees.  Keep an eye on your pup to be sure it is eating properly. Feed only what the breeder has recommended. Be sure it does NOT eat things that it is not used to. Never feed table food. Introduce snacks slowly and in small bits. Frenchies have sensitive tummies.


If you take your Frenchie ANYWHERE when it's hot out make certain you have water with you, your Frenchie can die very quickly from heat stroke.

Bathing: should be done monthly basis so they don't develop dry itchy skin. If they need a little wash just do a good rinse with room temperature water. A brisk towel dry is good. When bathing wash face, head and ears are cleaned with a warm rag. Never pour water on a Frenchies head, face or in ears. Ears can be toweled dry and whipped out gently. Never use a Q-tip in the ear canal.

Chew Toys: Never give your pup any kind of stuffed toy. No rawhide or any other items that pieces can be chewed off of. We recommend NylabonesIndestructible rubber is okay.

Potty Training: Always take pups out immediately after they eat and right after they wake upTake them outside to a desired destination or place them on a puppy padLots of hands on praise and soft tone of voice will go a long way with training A small treat is good to confirm that going potty outside is a good thing. Start potty training from day one so they know what to expect from the get go. NEVER EVER spank or hit a puppy because it made a mistake. Excessive yelling at the pup is also not acceptable. They can become timid and afraid of you which will mean an unhappy puppy and an unhappy owner. Patience is the KEY and LOTS of consistency.

Food: We do not recommend grain free or all meat diets... A good quality kibble like Royal canin or Science diet mixed with small amounts of minced cooked meat is all they need...When changing your puppies food gradually decrease the current food and add in the new food over a period of five to seven days.


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