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Waiting List for Babies

If you are truly Serious about possibly buying one of our puppies in the future and want to be kept informed of breedings before they happen and as they progress this list is for you.  The French Bulldog supply in New England is so lacking in quality pups right now if you don't get on a couple different breeders lists it could be a very long time before you find the Quality and color you want.
First - You need to complete our "puppy contract" on the Babies page of our website Rockybound Frenchies
Second - I will contact you to discuss your contract and if approved I will give you payment info to send a non refundable $300 deposit for most colors and $500 for Exotic color list.
Once you have your deposit placed you will have a ranking according to when your deposit was placed as well the sex of puppy you prefer.  When you decide to buy one of our pups your deposit will be applied to purchase price.   As of 1/15/21 we have 27 people waiting for a female and 28 waiting for a male.  ONLY 8 people waiting for an Exotic color male and 11 waiting for an Exotic female.
We expect Anya and Izzy to have pups in late Jan. 2021 and after that Gracie and Mia should have pups in early Feb 2021 and Lydia early March 2021.  We hope to produce 20-30 pups before spring 2021 so hopefully we can make lots of families happy!
If we fail to produce a puppy you want within 6 months of your deposit date you may request a refund of deposit or just stay on the list.
You can pass on any puppy for any reason and simply stay on the list and retain your ranking for the next litter if you like. You may remain on the list for a maximum of 1 year AFTER you pass on your first puppy. Exact pricing of puppies will be determined by Rockybound French Bulldogs after they are born but before they are 6 weeks old.
As the breeder of these pups we reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter up until they are 6 weeks old.
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Cell Phone: 603-731-1420

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