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As of 5/14/21 we have a total of 89 people on our waiting lists for puppies. Expected wait time 12 months for Exotic colors and 24 months for all other colors if you get on our list today! .. Prices for our pups WITHOUT breeding rights range from 3000 - 6,500 depending on colors and bloodlines, Details on Babies page.... Breeding rights available to select persons on most of our pups for approx. 40-50% more.
 $300 deposit required to get on the standard waiting list,  $500 for Exotic colors, {Exotics are only Merle and Lilac.}. Deposits are accepted via paypal, Venmo, bank transfer or check . Deposits are refundable After 6 months for any reason... You are NOT on the list until we receive your deposit, no matter when your contract is dated.  You will receive a weekly email update concerning everything happening at Rockybound Frenchies....When you get close to the top of the list we will contact you to see if you are interested in buying a puppy from the current litter. You will be picking out your pup just before 6 weeks old. Highest on the list gets first pick etc. We wait until this age so you can see more accurately what your new Baby looks like and we want everyone to be happy with their choice.
***We resreve the right to keep ANY pup from any litter up until 5-1/2 wks. old***
When it comes your turn to choose if we have a pup you want you will need to send another $1000 dollars immediately to reserve it. 
 If it comes your turn to choose and you don't want any of the available pups we will refund your money or you can just stay on the list for the next litter. no problem!  
Final payment MUST be received before pups are 7 weeks old or pup will be resold and no refund of deposit. All pups must be picked up or delivered between 8 and 9 weeks old Unless you make other arrangements with us Previously.
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